Ngan Vo


Name:Ngan Vo
Birthdate:March 15, 1993
Occupation:CoffeeShopGirl, model
Body Type:Sexy ;)
Hobbies:Eating!!!!! Yum yum
Goals:To go as far as I can with my life, & to be successful in everything i do.
Why Modeling?It makes me feel comfortable in my skin & confident about myself because I was always the ugly duckling growing up in school.
Dream Car:a pink lamborghini or a pink audi R8!
Favorite Color:Pink
Most Memorable Experience:all my experience were memorable because it was with people i cant forget
Worst Experience:. . .
Anything else you'd like to add:shoutout to all my fans, thankyou so much for supporting me! My boyfriend, RANDY DOAN! CAME LA for choosing me to be their spokemodels, fkn-famous, import fashion, liquid kiss & ItsJDMYo!♥ and for everyone out there i forgot to mention, much love xoxoxo NGAN!




March 2012